Be well, be rewarded in better health!

BaxZease presents a functional way for you to take control of your health and reach your goals. In short, you set a SMART goal, make weekly financial contributions, and then get rewarded upon completion of your goal. So, not only will you have some more money in your pocket upon success, but you will also find yourself in better health, ready to conquer your next personal goal!

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Behavioral Economics in Practice

Behavioral economics is a method of economic analysis that applies psychological insights into human behavior to explain economic decision-making.

Oxford English Dictionary

Utilizing behavioral economics in medicine is not a new idea, but has been recently popularized. It embodies the extra “nudge” that a person may need to accomplish their goals. In BaxZease’s case, that nudge comes in the form of a financial reward.

When attempting to change any type of behavior, the usual result is…no change. As creatures of habit, change is tough, and forcing it drastically, especially from outside, will seldom yield good results. With our unique method, we intend to switch the default outcome from failure to success, because the agent of change comes from within. Along the way, you make the choices, we just make them a little easier.

Here is a quick video and NPR interview with Chicago Booth professor Richard Thaler, who won the Nobel prize in economics for his research in behavioral economics.